Our DNA is a physical and energetic code that contains information and instructions that shape how our life is manifested. It determines our physical make up, diseases, our personality traits, behavior, material means and more. Our DNA replicates and reproduces new cells all the time and that is why through DNA Healing, you are able to change the energetic codes it currently carries and remove traits that we do not want (diseases, lack, low esteem, fear) and insert the traits that we want (courage, good health, cash, happiness).

DNA Healing is a powerful and highly effective technique that has been passed down in an unbroken Mayan lineage that originated from Mexico and Korean Masters. This powerful process anchors in profound shifts and changes effortlessly within you and family upward, downward and laterally reaching 1/32 of your genetic line giving deep healing and big changes in your family and your own life. Many have reported major positive changes within themselves and with their families physically, mentally, emotionally, materially and spiritually

DNA Clearing MAP

This process REMOVES and clears unwanted DNA patterns for you and your family line easily and swiftly working even on the most difficult patterns. Advisable to start with this to clear out your DNA.

Benefits of a DNA Clearing:

  • Remove Diseases (diabetes, cancer, back problems, etc)
  • Change Physical attributes (better skin, less weight, more hair, etc)
  • Remove Patterns (inability to secure wealth, abusive relationships, addictions, tc)
  • Remove Personality Traits (fear, low self esteem, guilt, anger, phobias, procrastination, indiscipline, etc)
  • Remove Spiritual patterns (past life vows, karma, chakra blockages, entities, etc)

DNA Anchoring Map

This Map allows you to INSERT attributes that you want to BRING INTO your DNA. Start replicating positive qualities that you can benefit your entire family with like faith, love, happiness, courage or Healthy Immune System, Healthy Heart and more. If you have been through many clearing sessions and are ready to insert in positivity into your life, this will be great for you. Everyone has 12 DNA Strands in total, and each Anchoring Map works powerfully on 1 strand.

Benefits of a DNA Anchoring and Restructuring

  • Insert positive patterns (cash, opportunities, skills mastery, loving relationships, etc)
  • Insert desired physical attributes (healthy skin, healthy metabolic rates, healthy heart, healthy immune system etc)
  • Insert positive personality traits (joy, gratitude, self-confidence, self-love, discipline)
  • Insert positive spiritual traits (Clairvoyance, Psychic abilities, healing mastery, etc)
  • DNA Healing and Compacting

This deep and profound healing shifts and heals all 12 Strands of your DNA. Works great in conjunction to anchor changes in your DNA following your Clearing and Anchoring session, or on its own. This brings deep, profound healing on the conscious and subconscious. Compacting and healing the 12 strands so it functions at its optimal state and assist in bringing out the mapping most efficiently and effectively to manifest the positive changes.


Single Sessions : €99

Package Sessions:

  • Package 1: 1 DNA Clearing, 1 DNA Mapping & 1 DNA Healing session Cost: € 222
  • Package 2: 12 DNA Maps with 2 DNA Clearing Maps and 2 DNA Healing sessions Cost: € 1,100